We're working toward a shared vision of health and dignity for all the world's people. Join us.

I am you... and you are me

Make it Matter

Be the change and change the world. Start your own campaign today to fund a project of your design. Everything you raise will go directly to serve the world’s vulnerable people.

Give Yourself a Hand

Going on a mission is expensive, though thoroughly, rewarding work.  Share your dream with your friends and family and help them to help you help others!

See the World

MMF goes to every corner of the world to provide help and hope. Along the way, our team members meet the local people, see their countries and make friends that last a lifetime.


To date we have completed 75 missions within 12 countries over 18 years.

60,000 Children and families have been helped through surgeries and clinics.

Countless more have been taught life saving techniques and healthy practices such as hand washing, nutrition, dental hygiene, and burn prevention measures.